La Rentree


Or, as it’s used in France, the return to classes after the summer break.

I know, it’s not September and I’m not going back to school. But I have been “away” from my blog and from writing. And today I’m attempting a return.

If I had a dollar for every January where I thought to myself, “This is going to be the year I dedicate more time to my blog” I’d be… OK, well only $15 richer.

Now, not only is it a new year, but I’m a new me.

Our son was born on August 15. I’ll refer to him here as Little Guy (LG, for short). He turns five months in a few short days. I am somebody’s mother. The reality still overwhelms me with all the feels: love, joy and happiness, and worry and fear that come with being responsible for another human being.

I have yet to process this all in writing, but rather than wait for a 5,000-word piece on my labor story, moving and driving cross-country with a 6-week old, and how we’ve been these past five months, I wanted to break the ice and breathe a little life into W+Q so you know I’m still here. And what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

LG is starting to squeak to himself in his crib so my time is limited. Here’s the condensed version:

We moved to San Diego. I have several posts I already want to dedicate to our beautiful new city and the good times (and great eats) we’ve experienced so far. We moved because my husband got a job here. I am just starting to ponder what I want to do with my “career.”

Today is day four of my waking up at 5 a.m. to squeeze in a 30-minute workout before MainMan leaves for work (he starts work at 6 so he’s out the door at 5:30). Luckily our apartment complex has a small gym area so I can run over and hop on a machine for 27 minutes. I ordered some Tracy Anderson DVDs so I will be attempting those in the apartment a few times a week, as well.

LG is sleeping through the night now which is tremendous. He usually sleeps in until 7 so between 5 and 7 I’m now trying to be hyper-productive by working out, reading and now today for the first time blogging. It feels good to be back.

Mommy blogs are a dime a dozen so I’m trying to come up with ideas on how to make this space more unique. But for now I’ll be trying to share as honestly and frequently as I can what it’s like raising a kid with your best friend. And wine. Lots of wine.

LG’s up. Gotta go!

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