Paris Bakery

A friend invited us to eat Persian food recently, and on our way to the restaurant — we were a few minutes early — we stumbled upon this hidden gem. MainMan and I were stunned the place was dead. One side of the display was stacked with treats and desserts in every color of the rainbow, while the other had croissants and breads of every flavor. We were about to sit down to dinner or we would have walked out with bags of food.

We ordered some cookies and decided to come back.

Little did I know MainMan would drive me back to Paris Bakery for breakfast the very next day. The women who work there are lovely and they have given us free samples each time (we’ve now been on three occasions). We sat down for a steaming hot espresso and 1.5 pastries each. The mushroom and cheese croissant was amazing, as was this almond-cheezy pastry we split. We have also tried the key lime tart, a petite four, another cheesy breakfast pastry and the macarons are unlike any I’ve ever tasted — moist and creamy in the middle. MMMM! My only complaint, shockingly, is the baguette missed the mark. It was a bit too large and fluffy for what I remember a true French baguette to be.

MainMan’s parents arrive on Thursday and we are excited to take them there.

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