The Parenting Must-Haves for Babies 0-6 Mos.

LG will be six months in a couple of weeks. To think we’ve been hanging out with our little pipsqueak for half a year is insane. And to be as cliche as a cliche as a cliche, I can’t believe how quickly the time has zipped by. Everyone warns you it goes by fast. Then you’re up for days and days and days with no more than two hours of sleep at a time and you realize, oh shit! He’s three months already?! Time for some sleep-training (I’ll get to that much-debated topic, eventually).

Before I get into the nitty gritty of what it’s like being a new mom, I wanted to present this list of everything I found essential to parenting our newborn. Keep in mind LG is our first baby, so I by no means am an expert, but I hope my experiences with certain items may help someone else down the road. Trust me, I was so overwhelmed when I walked into a Buy Buy Baby for the first time I almost turned around and walked right out the door. Before registering for my baby shower, I had about a half-dozen lists of detailed recommendations from friends and friends of friends. We are of the mindset that less is more. You won’t find items that leave a big footprint here. We downsized from a 4-bedroom house in South Carolina to a 2-bedroom apartment in San Diego so we have LG on the lean, minimalistic enrichment program. One woman in my stroller strides class said, “All you really need is a carseat and a blanket! Just take your baby to the park for a few hours. They’ll learn plenty there!” I can think of a few more things I’d pack with me on such a trip, but she had a good point.

I have a couple of girlfriends who are new to parenting and/or due with babies this year so I hope this list will be helpful to them. And to anyone else who stumbles upon it!

What were your essentials? Please share in the comments. And if you love a certain teething toy or high chair, please let us know as we’re looking forward to some new milestones in the coming weeks/months.

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In addition to these items I use and swear by, I have heard about a few other products that help during these first few months. Some swear by the Merlin suit. It helps keep baby snug and on his back. The 4Moms rockaRoo was something I kind of wanted, but it was pricy and we made it so far without it. My friend Fashionista loves the Baby Shusher for sleep time (it’s another sound machine).

Other items that didn’t need their own photo in the slideshow: you’ll need toiletries like baby-friendly shampoo — we use Aveeno. For whatever reason, my pediatrician does not like Johnson & Johnson products. You’ll also want a good diaper rash paste (ours looks like the zinc sunscreen we used to put on our noses while lifeguarding). We haven’t had too many issues with this, but it’s good to have on hand. Baby wipes are a must. I used to swear by the Water Wipes sold at Target — they’re the wettest ones on the market — but then I decided we didn’t need them super wet anymore. They came in real handy when LG’s poops were liquid goo. Diaper disposal bags are a must for car trips (if you have ones for your dog they’re pretty much the same thing!) and even for big explosions at home. We mixed it up in the diaper department then settled on Earth’s Best. In the beginning, we were big fans of the Pampers with the line that turns from yellow to blue when baby pees. These are great for brand new parents because you are unfamiliar with your baby’s smells. Once you get the smell and feel down (a dirty diaper will get stiff/harder with urine) you won’t need the line as much anymore.

LG lives in his rompers. If it zips and has feet we love it. We find two-piece outfits don’t fit that well yet when moving him from carrier to car seat (the shirts always ride up in back). A knit hat is a good thing to have on hand for chilly morning walks (and maybe even a bunting depending on where you live). A brand called Spearmint sells really cute knit hats. I’m a sucker for hats with ears and pajamas with animal faces on the feet. And as far as shoes go, we have yet to come across a baby shoe that will stay on LG’s feet. Freshly Picked is a brand that sells moccasins and they seem to be very popular on Instagram.

Things you can register for, but you won’t need until later: teething toys and necklaces (check out the Manhattan Toy Company). A high chair (we’re currently shopping around for ideas on this, but since LG doesn’t sit up on his own yet we’re putting this off). Bottles (of course depending on whether you’re breastfeeding and/or when you want your partner involved in feedings). We love the Born Free brand. They have a bunch of different nipple sizes and we have yet to graduate from the first one! Spoons and maybe even a sippy cup (though interestingly the lady who runs my mommy and me class recommends babies sip out of normal cups).

As far as newsletters, I highly recommend Lucie’s List. Once you enter your baby’s due date, she’ll follow you on your month-to-month pregnancy journey and post-partum, as well. You can be thinking about something baby-related, like sleeping at night, starting solids, why he’s fussy, etc. and like magic you’ll get Lucie’s email for that week and it’s on the exact topic you had been stressing about. I registered at BabyList because you can put anything on the internets on there (as in, you don’t have to settle on one big-box store). If you choose not to register with them, I recommend you checking out their lists. They have all kinds of great “best of” lists that I’m still consulting for new product finds. Also Cribsie awards are fun to check out if you’re list-obsessed like me.

I know I must be forgetting something, but it’s baby wake-up time.

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  1. Danica

    Yes to baby drinking from a normal cup!!! We used sippy cups with our first but quickly transitioned to cups. Never used a single sippy cup with our other two. They catch on really quick and then you don’t have to worry about another transition from sippy cup to cup. Harrison can do it 😊


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