Almond Milk From Scratch

almond milk

A friend of mine in Los Angeles told me a couple years ago how easy it was to make your own almond milk. I’m not sure why it took me until yesterday to try out her 3-step method, but now that I’ve tried it, I’ll never buy store-bought almond milk again. It also has my mind racing, wondering what other staples I’ve so often picked up at the grocery store can I make at home.

The simplest method to almond milk is:

1. Soak 2 cups of almonds overnight in water

2. Add about 8-10 cups of water and the almonds into a blender, Cuisinart, Vitamix, whatever you’ve got at home to pulverize the almonds

3. Dump liquid into jar or bowl, filtering out the chunks with a thin cloth (best with a mesh bag of some sort — I used what I put produce in at the store — but I’ll probably buy myself a nut milk bag)

4. Voila!

Couldn’t be easier, right? Now, for the fancy version. Angela at Oh She Glows wrote up her beautifully choreographed process of almond milk-making (I really need to up my photo game here if I’m going to be posting food photos/recipes). I would have definitely added the vanilla if I hadn’t finished it on a crumble last weekend. Cinnamon is another nice addition.

Now it’s time for me to invest in some vintage glass milk bottles for the next batch! Next up, almond butter.


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