Happy Independence Day, ‘Murica!

bulldog with American flags

Bulldog gets his/her ‘Murica on!

We’re off to Charleston this morning to meet my parents for what is sure to be a fun-filled weekend.

I”m thankful we’re able to join them as work was dicey this week and Arthur gave us a bit of concern.

On the agenda are some tasty dinners, a Riverdogs baseball game, fireworks from the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown and some beach time. Agnes is joining us so grandma can give her a big smooch (thank you La Quinta for being our trusted go-to dog-friendly hotel). My mom misses seeing our 80-lb bundle of wrinkles and muscle on a quasi-regular basis on the west coast.

If you’ve landed here, enjoy this fun slideshow of patriotic pets. And if you have a dog, remember, leave them safe at home in a closed/sheltered environment if you’re planning on seeing fireworks (crates, small rooms are best with lights on and music or TV). July 4 is the biggest/worst day of the year for lost or runaway pets.

Wishing you all a fun and safe holiday!


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