My Sundays With the Times

I don’t want to regurgitate New York Times articles every week. But once in a while I’ll discover a new person who motivates me, or an idea that seems worth implementing, and I figure it’s worth sharing here for those who don’t get/read the Sunday Times.

I used to once skip over the Business section, as someone who thought they had nothing to learn from stock market figures and tech talk.

Now, it’s the section I go to second, after Styles.

This Sunday I came across an article on testing out new careers via mentoring.

I found the following excerpt amusing for several reasons:

BRIAN KURTH got the idea for what became PivotPlanet in 2001, when he was 34 and a freshly downsized telecom executive, trying to figure out what to do with his life. “I wanted to test my own waters, and I thought of being a doggy day-care owner,” Mr. Kurth said. So he shadowed a local doggy day-care owner for three days. It was a useful exercise: “I realized I didn’t want to pick up poop all day long,” Mr. Kurth said. And it gave him the idea “that there is value in test-driving your dream job before you do it.”

Would I have started my own pet care business had I shadowed someone for a week? The jury’s out. But perhaps this mentoring thing could be useful as I try to figure out what’s next.

What career would you consider shadowing to see if it’d be worth pursuing full-time?


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    1. Monica

      really??? wow, em!! i had no idea. that’s amazing!! have you checked out the site yet? you should!? who knows, maybe there’s someone in your area you could be set up with. fascinating. if you do this, i’m gonna relocate to nc if i ever get prego 🙂 in other news, can you believe our reunion in three weeks?


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