Sleepin’ at the Epicenter: 3.8M Quake in L.A.

I’ve felt a few earthquakes in my time. I remember hiding under tables in Los Altos in the early ’80s and fumbling down a staircase at a store in Carmel a few years back. Nothing major.

We’ve been in movie theaters and I swear the ground was shaking from shifting plates and not the speakers. Though nothing would ever show up on the news, Twitter or quake sites.

Last night was no joke. The bed shook, Agnes sat right up in bed and we heard some dude hollering in the night. Probably some drunk who got tossed from his park bench at the end of our street, where street urchins seem to loiter into the wee hours.

We woke up this morning and raced to do a quake-check on our smartphones. Sure enough… the Associated Press article was written right at our doorstep in Marina del Rey: “The epicenter was 2 miles east-southeast of Marina del Rey near Culver City and Inglewood.”

Egads! Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of bigger ones to come.

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