The New Direction

Welcome to my new blog. New in name, not in style.

Here is the first part of my story. And how I ended up here.

Mona’s Apple was Act I in hopefully a long-lasting and prosperous existence on (and off!) the Web.

I knew I wanted to change the blog up, I just struggled for weeks trying to figure out what direction to take.

Mona’s Apple was primarily a blog of restaurant reviews when I lived in New York City, and things quieted down a lot when I moved here to be with MainMan two years ago.

In following with the Gidget movie titles, I tacked on “Goes Hollywood” to the end of the name, but it seemed to miss the mark a bit.

Then, upon receiving countless e-mails from WordPress about the looming expiration date of Mona’s Apple and my related domains, I decided it’s a sign.

So… out with the old, in with the new.

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